About Romualdo Rivera

Romualdo Rivera is the founder and lecturer at Tensile Structures Education, Inc., and represents the IMS e.V., Institute for Membrane and Shells at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

Romualdo is the author of two Books: “Elemento de Atracción, en Diseño y Composición” and “Membrane Structures, First Steps towards Form Finding”.

Before becoming the founder of the romualdo rivera, membrane structures, form findingTensile Structure organization, Romualdo worked in the area of Design and Project Management for Golden Arches Corporation in Central America and the Caribbean. He was also the Professor of AutoCAD, AutoLISP, and 3D at Liceo de Arte y Tecnologia de Puerto Rico. He is the author of the 3D and AutoLISP courses at the Institute.

As an artist, he taught drawing, painting, and sculpting at the Atelier del Mosaico Art School in Puerto Rico and successfully presented exhibitions of his work in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, Italy, France, Russia, St. Martin, Curacao, and Puerto Rico.

Other courses and workshops created by Romualdo  are:
Drawing and Painting | Composition and Proportion | Basic AutoCAD | AutoCAD 3D | AutoLISP | VRML | Design for Tensile Structures.

Romualdo’s education includes a Master of Engineering in Membrane Structures from Alhalt University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Studied Architecture Textile at Politecnica University of Madrid in Spain. He studied art in Escuela de Artes Plásticas in Puerto Rico and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at the Interamerican University Of San Juan, P.R.


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